Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wet Ribbons EP#27 - LIVE!

So, most of you are going "live, what the fuck?" and yeah, I know, the show is usually recorded Live, but this episode was broadcasting live! For the first time in Wet Ribbons history, we broadcasted live to a select audience for testing purposes —and the show went off with many bugs and hitches. But we're going to try and figure out some of this technical garbage this week, to bring you some live radio on EP#28. And the only way to stay informed about show times, is over on our twitter page, or on our little twitter feed to the right of this blog. For now, thems your options. Deal with it.
But take advantage, make requests, and let us all know what you like, or don't like —and then I can tell you to shove-it ... LIVE!

As for this episode ... dispite it's glitches, the tunes are better then average ... beaten hearts, demon's claws, tandoori knights, the monsters!, and tons more.


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