Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wet Ribbons EP#26 - Spook Show Halloween Special

Howdy folks!
Time to sit back with a massive glass of red wine, invite over some undead friends, and blast this here episode for all to witness. Annie Biotix (erin) grabs a seat in our (still unnamed) studio to play ya some tracks, and well, things ran a little long. We're running something like 1:48 minutes or something. But at least it's filled with all your monster greats, a la Bobby "Borris" Picket, Kim Lenz, Cramps, Dead Elvis and his one man grave, Zombina and the skeletones! and tons more!

So, whether you're heading out to some lame ass "dress-up party" with colleagues from work that has nothing to do with halloween, or you're just sitting at home watching the kiddies barf up toffee, you had better get at least a proper dose of halloween and listen to this show.

Oh, and don't let the Day of the Dead slip through your skeletal fingers either!
And we'll see ya on on the other side, Episode 27!



  1. Whoa this show rules hard. Best way to spend Halloween is listening to rad tunes on the anniversary of the coolest couple in the world.

  2. Really love the show. You have good ears.

  3. Another great one, dude! Keep it up, please! :D
    Cheers.. Vanny Z.