Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wet Ribbons #8!

A few weeks in the works, but well worth it my friends. I was in communication with a number of local bands over the past month, so we have some roaring tracks to present to you by the likes of The Stolen Minks, The Numbered Head, Rebecca's Room, & 3 piece Suit! And through the magic of "internet" I got a hold of Mark Sultan, as well as some dudes from Demons Claws —so, you can bet I'll be spinning some of those records. And that's not all! .... Thee Fine Lines, Thee Almighty Handclaps, Boom Boom & the Long Sex!

And don't forget friends, these broadcasts are recorded live and are unscripted —so ignore my terrible banter and muck-ups. Can ya deal?

Next episode ... haven't decided yet ... might spin some more records, cue up some cassettes and wing it. Sounds promising doesn't it?! Bam!



  1. "My name's Josh, and this is my fucking pod cast"

  2. I know, I'm right classy-like, eh.