Monday, January 25, 2010


Here we are again, back for some more rock 'n' roll and junk. Firstly, I'll have to apologize for the messy nature of this show (ah, heck, they're all messy), but trying to push all these buttons, talk about the bands (not having any notes) ... bah ... it's too much brain power. And that's a dwindling resource lately. ha.

Todays show, hear some stuff by some east coast(ish) bands: Plug Uglies, Strawmen (live!), Letter H, Cold Wraps; and then some not so local bands. Got a new intro too. This one may stick, cause I'm sick of trying to come up with one for each show. bam! Let me know what'cha think of it all, folks. Comments are below. So, is that dandy little subscribe button that lets you have this show delivered to you directly via itunes!

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