Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wet Ribbons EP#40 - fin?

Howdy folks. Welcome to episode 40! Potentially the last Wet Ribbons episode to lay your ears on. That's right. 40 shows and about a year and a half down the line, we're gonna come to a grinding halt and steep a while. Personal life is getting a little stressful and out of hand, and there's a bunch of non-radio things eating up time and concentration. It's been a pleasure spinning you some of my favourite bands of all time, and a great learning experience for me to see all the folks out there that actually give a shit. Ha.

You may expect this milestone episode to be a monster, but I hate to admit, it's probably really hit and miss. As a (somewhat) badass skateboarding, trespassing, wall painting, bottle smashing, window breaking, drug taking adolescent in the 90s —most of my musical exposure (that wasn't country, via my father) was from the "alternative" music video rotation on tv. And this podcast is nothing but! love it, or hate it, but years later this is the stuff that brings me back to a much simpler time. Definitely gives you some insight to how a nourished my love for a good pop song, punk rock, and keeping music fun fun fun.

So, that said, I can't say stay tuned for EP#41, because it may not ever exist. However, you can definitely stay in touch via the liquid vapours over at —we're definitely going to come at ya with some hits this summer. More songs, more shows. So, stay tuned. 'til then …ta-ta!



  1. Nooooo! Damn, I'm behind an episode or two. Do I have a marathon knowing these could be the final three or do I take my time and savour each one until the last second of episode 40 runs out?

    P.S. 41+ and beyond.

  2. Also, holy crap. I just realized #40 is the only one I have left to savour. Sadness.