Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wet Ribbons EP#34

Alright kids. 2010 is no more. This is our first show of 2011, and not only is it not a recap show, but it's a totally thrown together, last minute mix show. That said, we're playing lots of great tracks from Mevio Music Alley, and we even have a little set of tracks from white moon recordings, a neat little online label.

I'm hoping (yet again) for some changes to Wet Ribbons in 2011. So, stay tuned, stay alert, and follow us on twitter. Seriously. If you're on facebook, we're there too. But I only have the time to bother with twitter ... so get on that, follow us, and you can catch us when we go live next time. For reals.

Oh ... don't forget to head on over to thee radio show and check out the the live all vinyl set at babas lounge here in Charlottetown. Charlottetown didn't know great music until that Tuesday night.


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