Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wet Ribbons EP#32

Alright, alright, we're burning through the hits this week! This is regularly scheduled show this week, and our first "mix tape" show in a while. Hope you enjoyed our xmas special. Drank maybe a wee bit too much wine on this show ... was startin' to get some stutter action going, but heck ... that's my charm isn't it?

If you're living life unfulfilled in the dark ages, then you might want to get yourself a twitter account, or a facebook if you're into that stuff, and follow Wet Ribbons! That's how you're going to find out when to catch us live. Then you can chat, critique, get me talking off track, and send in some requests (if i have my shit together anyway, ha!).

But you're also going to want to subscribe to the podcast as well, get this stuff automatically (and gives me a better idea of who's actually listening to this mess!). Just Click in the "Rss" logo in your address bar, or there's also a couple "subscribe" buttons scattered on the page, OR just go to the itunes store, and search "Wet Ribbons" —easy peasy.

Do it! See you later in the week for EP#33


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