Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wet Ribbons ep#30 —Surf!

For fuck's sake. We finally got to do our surf show. And it's no disappointment. man or astroman, ventures, fifty foot combo, and canada's own urban surf kings, and shadowy men on a shadowy planet. we're playing the good stuff, son. We're spinning a ton of records, mostly on a "lend me your surf" basis with the one and only DUGOST (gracias).

Next week, we're taking a break from radio and bringing you some live rock 'n' roll in the form of the liquid vapours, live in halifax this friday, and moncton on saturday, dec 11th. my broken finger is still fucked, and I haven't seen the liquid vapours boys in a couple months, so our halifax show is bound to be ... unique.


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