Friday, October 1, 2010

Wet Ribbons EP#23!

And here we are, over at {insert new name here} studios in Harlot-town PEI. The kind new neighbor folks upstairs don't seem to know much about piece and quiet, so maybe we'll teach them a thing or two about rock 'n' roll. Treble and reverb are way easier on the old ear drums than the Shania Twain foot stomps going on upstairs the past week. Sleeping don't come easy when keith urban is in town on a friday night. But I digress ...

Episode 23! Loosely based on Mal Thursday's theme of "songs I taught the malarians" —we bring you "songs the liquid vapours kinda know." Songs we've covered at shows, and songs we fool around with at jams. Some of these songs have actually been played on the radio show before, but .. hell. ... . .. who cares.

Episode #24 is coming at ya quicker then normal too, likely in the next day or so, so, keep your eyes peeled!


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