Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wet Ribbons EP#21! Happy Birthday!

So, those of you stocking us over on twitter probably knew a little while ago that this episode, this VERY episode #21 ... is our one year anniversary. We couldn't be more stoked here over at the Wet Ribbons HQ, but we're not quite sure why we've made it this far...

Great background tunes? My smashing personality? Our guest hosts feeding me too much liquor? Maybe it's our "thee radio show" segments that allow us to keep growing? Or perhaps it's just because we have nothing to do, and we're just sick of the am/fm scene?

Whatever the reason .. we're still alive and kicking, so sit back, crack a can of cheap domestic beer, and turn this one up! freaks!

And while you're at it ... hit up the blog, or itunes (where you no doubt subscribe to the show, right?) and dig through the archives. And with any luck, we'll catch you on episode #22.


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