Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wet Ribbons EP#19 / Thee Radio Show #13

Thee Radio Show & Wet Ribbons presents ... the first official split episode and the second official "record yourself drunk" episode (see EP#11). I set up shop for a week over at TRS headquarters, and we promptly started shooting whiskey, getting giddy, and playing some mighty fine records. This particular weekend seemed to coincide with the G20 summit. Yeah, I know ... I haven't heard of it before either. So, in honor (sorta) of our peeps on the streets that weekend, we have a nasty set dedicated to you today, and tons of other great sets of genuine rock 'n' roll.

Send the show to a friend, and send us your hate mail!

Don't forget to check out Thee Radio Show #14, which is sure to be an even messier, filthier, more neurotic radio show (well, on my part at least). AND Wet Ribbons EP #20 is getting queued up —so get ready for some lofi pop hits.


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