Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wet Ribbons #10!

Fast Fast Fast — episode 10 is the speedy fuck-up show! I didn't really feel like "planning" a show, so instead, I just grabbed a bunch of records and MP3s from itunes and started rolling with it. It's the first sunny +20ºC weekend this year, so I'm not wasting time with this episode... I'd rather go grab the bike, cruise around in the sun, and perhaps sip on a couple beer or two. But what better way to spend your hot sunny weekend then listening to 25 minutes of rock 'n' roll!

And by the way, I signed off episode 10 by saying "your listening to episode 8 ... " I wasn't trying to fool ya, I like living in the past. With that being said .. . . next episode ... gonna make some slight changes to the format, but that'll be a surprise for next show. Also, gonna play some tunes by the Outbred Inlaws (Toronto) as soon as their tunes come in the mail. Stay tuned for that! Enjoy!


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